ebook-cover-233interviewtips-resizeAre you preparing for your next job interview? Why not try have a look on all tips given in this ebook?

This is first time we read this kind of book. The content is brilliant! We wonder why this book does not exist in our time long time ago when we preparing for the interview. Its really help!

Hehehe. Of course this tips is not written by us. This is our another exciting project, a landing page with Paypal. The client asking for a very simple, straight, not to fancy, content oriented website.

Our task is to convert the text content to encrypted password ebook, creating the ebook cover, setup the site and paypal account for the client.

The process will bring the site visitor to paypal site trough a paypal button at the site. Once payment made, the encrypted ebook + BONUS will be send to the buyer email.

If you interested to get this ebook please visit 233InterviewTips.com.

OR If you need to setup this kind of page please contact us right away! 🙂