One of frequently ask question by our prospect is, how long it takes to develop a website?

Thw answer is easy, it depends on what you have, what you want, what your idea. 

If all is already clear then, we can start to develop in no time.

Below is some tips how to speed up your web development:

1. Reference

At lease give us reference. Yes it simple but it  save time. Just show us what you want by  showing any reference you have. It may be a website, video, flyers etc. This can help us visualise what your idea is. 

2. Checklist

Just google online, visit others website, ask others, take note any idea that you like. Make simple list to discuss with your web developer. 

3. Prepare the content

It is very smart move if you can prepare the content before meet your web developer. List all pages with content, any write up, images and videos. Use flow chart to plan how visitors  surf your website. It maybe not perfect, but it will cut half of development process.

So that is three tips in general on how to speed up your web development.

Gud luck!