“Why we need website? Facebook page is enough for me.”


There are many difference between a website and facebook.

But let us make it simple as we can.

Facebook is an marketing tools own by others even though it named by your business. They can block or remove your page any time. All your content upload at your fb page own by them. You dont have 100% control on your page, you just use what they provide. If possibly facebook down, it takes your page down too. No backup. At all. But it is good as marketing tools as it is widely use by people on the globe. Its paid marketing is very efficient. But its PAID. 

While a Website is your asset. Its represent totally 100% your business. No distraction like facebook. It can be your showroom, your portfolio, your gallery, your support, your everything you want it to be in your way. It is search engine friendly which mean whenever people googling something related to your product or service, your website may stand out at the search result page. Its cost is very cheap and can be absolutely free!

Its a wrap

Use facebook with smart. You paid thousand to gain likers. Why not bring them to your website. Kill more birds with a stone! 

Get a website!